intuitive-touch-drawing_photoTouch Drawing is the sacred process of creating images from the heart. It is a simple process of drawing with your fingers on a painted surface. The pressure of your fingertips on the page forms images on the underside of the paper. Your hands are extensions of the soul, moving in response to the sensations of the movement. It opens a channel for creative expression and self reflection. Touch Drawing is a process for artists, therapists, social workers, health care practitioners, educators and intuitives. For more information see:

I offer group workshops or private sessions by appointment. Call Lori at 401-486-3952 to make a reservation.


intuitive-touch-drawing_photoAwaken your inner artist through the process of drawing imagery experienced during meditation. I will lead you through various meditation techniques to discover rich visual imagery and symbols from your subconscious. During this process, you can set an intention for healing an emotional or physical issue through the colors you choose and the act of putting images on paper. No artistic experience is necessary! Just come with an open heart and your own drawing materials. ie) 16 x 20 drawing pad, and an assortment of drawing media such as colored pencil, crayon, oil crayons, chalk pastels etc…

I offer group workshops or private sessions by appointment. Call Lori at 401-486-3952 to make a reservation.


deeksha-imageDeeksha Blessings are a transference of divine energy through the laying on of hands by a facilitator. It is a non-denominational healing that works directly with your brain chemistry, changing the brainwave patterns from, fight or flight, to balance and unity..

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Meetings are being held by Linda Yeay on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at Lafayette Mills, Full Circle: A Healing Space, in North Kingstown at 7:00 PM-8:30 PM.


reiki_imageI am a certified Reiki practitioner in the Usui system of Natural Healing. Reiki is the practice of healing ourselves through the Divine Universal Life Energy (REI) and Life Force (KI), known as Chi. Like Qigong and Tai Chi, it helps to unblock and re-establish healthy energy flow throughout the body due to physical, emotional or mental stress. A practitioner channels Reiki energy through her hands directly on or above the client’s body.

30 minute sessions are $45.00

60 minute sessions are $80.00

Call 401-486-3952 to make a appointment.


aromatouch_imageAromatouch Therapy is a technique that restores homeostasis or balance to our bodies. This gentle massage helps to relieve stress and boost the immune system in our bodies to remove toxins and inflammation.

I combine the use of doTerra certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils with the healing and restorative power of Reiki Aromatouch sessions are typically 60 minutes for $80.00

Call 401-486-3952 to make a appointment.