Lori’s workshop is not only healing for the creator in all of us, it is healing for the soul. She led me to rediscover the child inside of me who wants more than anything simply the freedom to be—freedom to feel. Freedom to create.

Lori first led us through a very deep guided meditation, which became, for me, a spiritual experience. I felt so grounded, following the meditation, that my legs were as heavy as tree trunks, with roots vibrating deep in the earth. The energy vibrating through and around my body and sense of deep relaxation was amazing. What Lori had done through her expert guidance, was show us what it feels like to be completely grounded, completely, “embodied”. Only at that soul level, at that feeling level, could I find the uninhibited permission to be me. It was also at that soul level that my creativity found full expression. I truly believe Lori to be a master teacher. Her presence alone, is balm to the soul—she has this incredible warm, beautiful smile; this incredible irresistible twinkle in her eyes. Both artists and non-artists alike are immediately put at ease in her presence. She creates a space where one literally becomes a child again. I dove deep into my feelings and expressed what I found there through my fingertips wet with paint. I found that when feelings are unblocked, creativity is freed as well. I left Lori’s workshop in wonderment at what this magical teacher had unlocked in me. My works of art were deeply expressive and most of all my soul had been fed. Thank you, Lori. Blessings be.”



I don’t consider myself to be particularly skilled as an artist, but I find the process of creating art to be especially healing!”



I attended Lori’s touch drawing class last Sunday and it was magical! Lori starts out with an incredible meditation and then you go into touch drawing. I always stayed away from art because I thought I just can’t do this… but I got into it and it was a lot of fun. It was free flowing and the stress melted away. THANK YOU Lori for such a wonderful experience!”



I definitely feel that the class assists my ability to tap into my creative soul and it always exceeds my expectations. My Mother Mary drawing is one example. I am able to more easily create because of the positive and creative energy that fills the room, reduce stress, and receive messages from my soul. It tunes me into my inner self and inner voice, and helps me sleep better. I am so grateful to make new like-minded spiritual friends in the community!”



My experience with Lori’s Touch Drawing class was so awesome! Lori creates a space where your creativity can flow freely. Each drawing was different and special. I felt like I was drawing from my heart and not my head. I highly recommend you experiencing her class.”



I have been sporadically creative throughout my life. I took Lori’s Spirit of Art class to bring myself back into healing again and to simply find time for me to explore. I loved how Lori explained her creative process while also explaining how different our experiences might be. There is no right or wrong in our own individual process. Although I drew following the meditation, it was clear to me that I really hadn’t come to draw. I came to connect. I connected to myself and continued to process for days afterward. It was a wonderful experience.”



For me,Touch Drawing with Lori is one of my most therapeutic experiences. This creative process allows me to express whatever is coming through at that moment with fluidity. Lori teaches the class with support and encouragement that anyone can be inspired to become the artist they want to be. I don’t consider myself an artist but I feel like one in her work shops.”



I enjoyed your class very much. It was very peaceful felt very relaxed and enlightening gave me a different perspective to my art– got me out of my comfort zone and you gave us permission to play which I never did (always too serious) I had fun!!! And most of all it inspired me to paint again and to get rid of my block – which was my intention upon taking this class. I thank you.”