Hi! My name is Lori Reinerth.

I am an Intuitive Artist, Full Spectrum Healer, Reiki practioner, Deeksha Blesser, and certified Art teacher with over 20 years experience teaching the visual arts to children and adults. Through a combination of meditation and creative visualization practices, I will guide you to the joy of creative expression and self-healing.


The Spirit of Art Studio is a holistic art center specializing in classes and workshops for the professional and novice artist. This center is dedicated to creating experiences through the arts that are therapeutic and empowering. It is a sanctuary for discovering your inner voice. All classes and workshops are created with this intention.

I believe that the arts are therapeutic in nature and set that intention in the creation of my own artwork. I have been practicing Drawing Meditations for several years now. I am an intuitive artist. I combine both art making and meditation in my daily practice. I begin my drawings by meditating on the energy centers called chakras in my body, then use any sensations, images, colors, or feelings I experience as a beginning point for drawing intuitively. Through my color choices and the act of drawing on paper, I am able to spontaneously heal energy blocks in my body that are both physical and emotional in nature. It is a wonderful process of self-reflection, revealing subconscious imagery and symbols.

about_artworkI am also a facilitator of the Touch Drawing process. I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a workshop with its founder, Debra Koff-Chapin, in Washington State. It is a sacred process of drawing images from your soul by drawing with your fingers on a painted surface.

I offer a variety of Touch Drawing classes for adults and teenagers. Touch Drawing can be a spiritual practice as well as a therapeutic one. It has profound benefits for self-reflection, self-expression and healing that can be utilized in a variety of settings. For more information please go to this website: http://www.touchdrawing.com

Please see Energy Healing section under the Work With Me tab for more information about my energy practice. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Full Spectrum Healer and Deeksha Blesser.

Individual sessions can be scheduled with me at 401-486-3952.